Sulfur Powder


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Sulfur Powder

+99.8% Pure

Atomic number sweet 16 on the Periodic Table (remember from high school?) and denoted by its telltale symbol S, sulfur was referred to Biblically as brimstone and often reviled for its odiferous compounds. Today, of course, we know that organic elemental sulfur powder is an essential element used by various forms of life—everything from your tomato plants to the birds in the trees.

we offer pure sulfur powder that is associated with various uses.  Our organic elemental sulfur can be used to correct the pH level of your landscape and garden soil, however. Because plants rely on sulfur for various functions, sulfur makes a great soil amendment that can enhance plant growth, appearance, and overall health. In particular, acid-loving plants can benefit from a sulfur additive because it lowers the pH level of the soil, making it, alternatively, more acidic.

Aside from its function in the soil, our organic elemental sulfur can also be used outdoors to repel pests like snakes, chiggers, and various other insects that you don’t want hanging about your lawn or garden plantings. Naturally, this type of sulfur is also used to make gunpowder and may even be featured in different types of science projects—under the discretion of a science instructor, of course!

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