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Frequently Asked Question!

Can this Sulfur powder be used in pyrotechnics?

Yes, you could certainly use this in pyrotechnics. However, you need to be careful and follow all the required safety rules. Since we sell and market this product mainly for agricultural purposes we don't include any safety rules and you are responsible for following the necessary safety rules.

Is BlackBookSupply Sulfur powder 99.9% or 99% pure?

Our Sulfur powder contains 99% Sulfur (Active Ingredient) and it is 99.9% pure. This might be a little confusing because the numbers are so close but for example, our Urea contains 46% Nitrogen and it is 99.9% pure. Percentage of purity and active ingredient are 2 different numbers. 

Can Sulfur be used to keep away Snakes?

Yes, Snakes do not like strong smells and smell of Sulfur is a great organic snake repellent.

Can Sulfur be used to keep ticks and chiggers away?

Yes, you could just rub it on your animals and it will keep ticks and chiggers away.